Along with being a seasoned and awarded singer, songwriter and rapper, Maimouna “Mumu Fresh” Youssef is an ‘Edutainer ‘who facilitates educational workshops and lectures on topics ranging from art as activism, to Sacred Sound Healing and feminism from an indigenous lens.

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Maimouna Youssef facilitates workshops on a range of topics including but not limited to:

Singing and Songwriting:

Finding your own unique voice and structuring your thoughts into song format

Turning toxic emotions into powerful affirmations:

This course uses sound, visual art, and the written word as a therapeutic way to transform toxic self-defeating patterns and heal emotional wounds.

Vocal performance:

Ear training, harmony building, polyrhythms, breathing exercises, and performance techniques

Art as activism:

How to use your creative voice to facilitate social change through your art

Power of a woman:

Reclaiming your power and embracing femininity as a tool of healing social impact

The art of storytelling:

How to tell your personal story through your art


Feminism from an indigenous perspective in a modern world

Arts and Islam

Scared sound and today’s popular musical landscape

Independent Music Biz 101:

An inspirational look into the thriving independent music movement

Unapologetic Intersectionality:

Walking in your  personal power: finding sovereignty over your identity

The Role Of Spirit:

Embracing Culture and spirituality as a grounding tool, platform and springboard


Raising and homeschooling children while being an entrepreneur



The Lincon Centre Workshops were demonstration in the art of vocal and instrumental music. Exploring the artist’s songwriting process and inspirations while inviting the audience members to find the music everywhere in their environment. The concert features original songs and the process behind their creation. The workshop portion draws the crowd in with fun call and response and even some spontaneous performances from randomly selected audience members.


Maimouna Youssef is that rare artist who is a powerful educator, a dynamic performer and a thought leader who takes risks with her work across a myriad of platforms, genres and communities. She penetrates your soul through her vocals honouring her Indigenous and African American heritage(s) while effortlessly rocking the mic as a commanding MC

Monique MartinDirector of Programming, Harlem Stage


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